Neurocore’s Success With Brain Training

Dr. Tim Royer founded Neurocore therapy at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. He is a former neuropsychologist who developed a brain training device. Neurocore Therapy uses neurofeedback and biofeedback to train the patient’s behavior. Neurocore therapy is the safe way to help treat ADHD and depression. It’s a non-invasive way to treat mental conditions long-term. The treatments cost $2100.00 per 30 sessions. The only possible side effect is skin rash from the ten20 conductive paste. As an alternative, a conductive paste for sensitive skin is available. Read more about Neurocore at

Each session is held in a quiet room sitting in a private cubicle. The patient ears and head are attached to electrodes. This allows the device to chart the heart rate and breathing. The brain activity is monitored and the device response to the results. Once the patient’s brain activity is unbalanced the screen shrinks. The small screen sends the brain a message to take a deep breath. The oxygenated blood supply starts the process to become balanced.

The increase of oxygenated blood also increases neurons to the brain. As a result, the release of endorphins destresses the brain. The screen enlarges as an incentive to stay balanced. This cycle repeats as the brain changes. The goal of the treatment is to get the brain to correct itself to maintain a balanced mind. Ms. Tiffany Pojesk told Fox17 about how Neurocore changed her son behavior.


She said by the time her son Jackson was 8 years old he was unable to focus. She recalled an incident when Jackson had a meltdown because he was unbaled to put his socks away. Ms. Pojesk said her she had to give Jackson a sleeping pill before bedtime so he sleeps. After 40 sessions Jackson became more focus and he completed his tasks without a meltdown. He stopped taking a sleeping pill because he was able to sleep. Ms. Denise Kooiker raved about her son Landen stopped biting his nails. Landen good behavior continued even after 2 years of treatment. Read more about Neurocore at

Lifeline Screening Brings You Long-Term Health Benefits

More and more Americans are dying of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease plays a role in one out of four deaths. In addition, one out of five deaths can be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle. In order to live a healthier lifestyle, you need to eat healthier food and exercise regularly. However, another important part of living a healthy lifestyle is getting a screening for your cardiovascular health profile. This has two benefits. The first is that if there are any issues, you will know about them. This way, you can take care of them before they escalate. Second of all, even if there are no issues, taking a screening can lead to more motivation for living a healthier lifestyle.

The big problem with cardiovascular disease is that it often does not have any symptoms. Therefore, people with cardiovascular disease are not aware of it. However, cardiovascular disease can result in a sudden heart attack. At that point, it may be too late to start implementing a healthy lifestyle. Getting a screening will ensure that you do not have any underlying issues that you are unaware of. In addition, research has shown that just getting a screening will cause you to be more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. This is true even for people who did not have any issues.

A study was done on 3,000 people, including people who had done screenings in the past and people who had not done so in the past. Questions were asked about their lifestyle choices in the past and their future plans for their lifestyle. The goal of the researchers was to figure out how getting a screening impacted their lifestyle.

What researchers discovered was that people who took screenings were far more likely to implement healthy lifestyle choices, including improving their diet and exercise regime. Not only that, but this had no correlation to whether or not their test results showed any issues. Simply by taking a test, they became more aware of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means that you stand to benefit from Lifeline Screening tests regardless of what the results will be.

Lifeline Screening offers tests that are easy to take. The Lifeline Screening tests are affordable and will bring you great benefits in the long run. They use the latest technology.

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A/B Testing combined with AI technologies

All around we have been using it for many years, AI has tapped into Facebook to show your interests based on what you just searched or algorithms within other popular social media and online companies to record and recommend items that its consumers would like with the help of A/B testing. The most mainstream AI applications integrated with A/B testing are used by the most popular web-based business organizations that are incorporating AI with the use of chatbots for improved customer service to the other end of the spectrum with enhanced client benefits.

E-commerce businesses are now able to use AI’s to take pictures and have voice acknowledgment for relevant and quicker list items. Big chain companies such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba to name a few, are using AI to calculate specific item lists based on the cookies a customer’s computer leaves behind.

Amazon went as far as setting the bar high for AI usage with the data entry company known as Amazon Mechanical. Humans do not only take on small tasks, but AI’s are being used to improve the accuracy for the requested tasks. Amazon’s organization revealed last quarter increased increments of 34 % to $43.7 billion. Online e-commerce designed frameworks are incorporated into each part of the obtaining calculation process. Over the last few years, the College of Toronto has had its educator’s record notes in Harvard Business Survey articles releasing the balancing doubt that Amazon’s framework does not predict the positive forecast for other marketing and e-commerce success with AI integrated usage.

The College of Toronto has further investigated Amazon’s AI structured and gave mention of how the interworking’s work including. The design and overall concept may be sound at the moment, but they still have a few technical bugs to fix before the masses can take action.

For immediate and smaller needs such as online shopping, email marketing, digital marketing, and consumer predictions, the AI is a useful tool for determining what we need to purchase with accuracy placing around 5 % of the time. As consumers, we average our purchasing around one out of each 20 items suggested on web pages. With more A/B testing, AI could eventually top the charts as being 100% accurate and to the point of being beneficial for more than just consumers. While A/B testing is done through technology and analyzed by humans, a few organizations have figured out how to create bots in order to give false criticism of top-grossing organizations to support that phony audit claims.

Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Lawyer And Founder Of FAGALI Advocacy

Bruno Fagali is one of the most popular lawyers in Brazil today. He founded the FAGALI Advocacy which aims to stop the corruption in the country. Brazil has been consistently added to the list of world’s most corrupt countries, and this is what Bruno Fagali wanted to change. The corruption in Brazil is severe, starting at the very bottom of the government, and plagues all the departments that are under the executive, legislative and judiciary branch.

Bruno Fagali introduced the departmental drive, which is an information dissemination program among the employees who are working in the lowest political ranks. He aims to stop the culture of corruption which is why he is starting at the bottom.

The Brazilian lawyer has been hailed as a hero because of his efforts to cut the corruption in the country. Usually, he would visit a governmental department and would inform the employees about how bad the corruption in Brazil has become. He would distribute leaflets and other reading materials telling the employees about the impact of corruption on the economy and the society. The departmental drive in the government departments is proven to be effective because of the significant decrease in the number of corruption instances happening since the FAGALI Advocacy was initiated.

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Today, Bruno Fagali keeps on working with his colleagues to promote the transparent government that he is longing for. Many Brazilians are supporting his cause, and they are also rallying behind Bruno Fagali. With the efforts shown by the prominent Brazilian lawyer, many people dared to voice out their concern with the Brazilian government. They wanted Brazil to be erased from the embarrassing list, and the move for change resulted in an astounding change in the number of corruption cases.

It is still a long way for Brazilians before their country would be removed from the list of the most corrupt states on the planet. But with people like Bruno Fagali, who is extending his effort in fighting the culture of corruption, it is not impossible to see Brazil shrugging off the title as a thing of the past.

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Paul Mampilly Helping Change Lives of Ordinary People with Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly is a reputed investor who has spent 20 years working for the best investment companies on Wall Street. He has managed multi-dollar accounts and has been awarded numerous investing awards. He soon became tired of the demanding job and chose to spend time with his family. But, instead of retiring completely, he is still an ongoing and successful investor.

Paul Mampilly collaborated with Banyan Hill Publishing to start his newsletter ‘Profits Unlimited’ in 2016. In the past year, its subscribers have grown to more than 60,000. The newsletter is directed towards ordinary people looking for the best and the most profitable investment opportunities out there. For those looking to earn significant returns look up to his recommendations. For every stock that he advises people to buy, he keeps updating its results on his website every week. He conducts thorough research and keeps himself updated about the political and economic condition of the country and the world to predict the companies that are going to make it big every year.

Among many of his suggestion, Paul Mampilly advises people to buy stock of food companies. The current generation is the one that is reaching adulthood without any knowledge of cooking. This generation relies heavily on restaurants and fast food and spends much more than their previous generation. But, they also want to have a homemade meal without having to cook it themselves or leave their homes to get. People today not only want to eat cooked food that makes their lives easier but also want to stay healthy and fit. It offers an excellent opportunity for food delivery service providers. It is the reason why food delivery companies such as Blue Apron and Plated are growing at such a fast rate. They offer home delivery services for healthy meals and have different menus for people with different dietary needs.

According to Paul Mampilly, the great car revolution is about to hit the world. Car manufacturers need to start manufacturing vehicles that can compete with Tesla or they would be left behind and would have to shut down in a few years. Electric cars are becoming more affordable, and there is a slow but growing shift towards them. Even though Tesla comes at a higher price than other ordinary cars, their maintenance and after purchase expense is much less, making it an excellent choice. Thus, instead of investing in leading car manufacturers of today, one should invest in stocks of Tesla as it is going to increase in the coming decade.

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Jason Hope Supporting Anti-aging Research and SENS Foundation

Mr. Jason Hope, a popular tech commentator and businessman, has been making donations to research on anti-aging methods. Mr. Jason Hope has been a regular contributor to the SENS Research Foundation. He made his first contribution the organization back in 2010 when Mr. Jason Hope made a donation of half a million dollars to SENS.

The SENS Research Foundation was established back in 2009. It is a non-profit organization which has been dedicated to the treatment of diseases related to aging such as Alzheimer’s for example. The SENS Research Foundation has also been sharply focused on research in the area of rejuvenation biotechnology. This area emphasizes on aging as a cause of disease.

After Mr. Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to the SeNS Research Foundation, it was able to use the funds and establish a SENS laboratory in Cambridge and to start new research initiatives right away. Mr. Jason Hope has a strong belief that the area of rejuvenation biotechnology holds the future of humanity and organizations and companies should focus on advancing the field more than they are today.

Mr. Jason Hope is an online entrepreneur who established the company called Mobile Technology. He has also been working as a tech commentator for a number of years and has a business consulting service as well. Mr. Jason Hope writer articles for an online tech magazine and contributes to many other websites as well.

Over the years, Mr. Jason Hope has become most popular for his stance on the concept of The Intent of Things or IoT for short. He is one of the biggest proponents of the tech advancement to enter our lives on a larger scale. Mr. Jason Hope has written a vast number of articles on the topic describing both the pros and cons of having the Internet of Things play a large role in our daily lives.

Mr. Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona but he currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He used to study at the Arizona State University from which he achieved his bachelor’s degree in Finance. Later Mr. Jason Hope also attended the Arizona State University- W. P. Carey School of Business as well, from which the entrepreneur achieved his MBA degree in Business. For more  info about us: click here.

Up to date, Mr. Jason Hope is focused mostly on his work as a writer. His typical day is usually working from home where he writes and spends most of his day on social media sharing articles from around the web.

Securus Technologies: crime prevention

Securus Technologies is known for their advanced and secure communication systems. Securus Technologies was one of the first organizations to create communication systems for correctional facilities. Inmates can now effectively communicate with family and friends outside of the facility in an easy, safe and secured manner.


Aside from Video services and Inmate Voice Mail, Securus has a variety of communication/ calling options that were specifically created from those who are incarcerated. These unique services are available on a National level.


On site video visitation allows the visitor to schedule your visit well in advance. Therefore, instead of conducting your visit sitting in front of a glass protector you can conduct your entire visit by video tape. There are many advantages to using video visitation services and of course safety is another positive aspect of using this kind of service.


Advance Connect is one of the phone services offered by Securus to inmates. Advance Connect is essentially a pre-paid calling plan. This kind of plan assures outsiders that they can effectively receive calls from just about any correctional facility in the United States. This account must be set up in advance and you must agree to the terms of service. As long as their is money in the calling account phone calls can be made and received. A major credit card can be used to fund your Advance Connect Account.


Direct Bill is another option offered by Securus Technologies. This type of calling account allows you to receive calls from inmates during approved recreation periods. All calls are billed to the party on a monthly basis. Calls can be made to and from cellular telephones any day of the week. Direct Bill is more geared toward Attorneys and loved ones of inmates serving longer sentences. Direct Bill permits calls to be made from just about any cellular number. However, a credit check is necessary to receive approval for an Direct Bill account.


Direct Bill assigns a specific credit limit. In addition, a detailed list of calls is sent to the person that opened the account on a monthly basis. Direct Bill allows the account holder to view their billing activity on line.


Traditional Collect permits outsiders to receive “Collect” calls only from inmates. In addition, all calls are billed to your residential carrier each and every month. Therefore, if Verizon is your phone carrier all monthly calls will appear a long side your residential calls. Traditional Collect assigns the person a 90 day “roll over” spending limit.


Inmate Debit is a pre-paid calling account in which the inmate is responsible for each month. Inmates or family members can add funds to the account from a remote location. This type of account allows more control on whom inmates choose to contact. The fact that the inmate is responsible for payment cuts down on any misuse of services.


Tony Petrello supports neurological research

Tony Petrello is one of the brilliant business executives in the United States. Without any academic qualification related to business management, he is ranked as one of the best business managers in the country. He is among the best paid. In 2014, he topped the list of the best-paid CEOs in the country. This is such a great honor that goes to show how that he has done exemplary well for the company that he leads. He is the CEO of a drilling firm located in Texas known as Nabors industries. This is the largest drilling firm in the world. As the CEO of the company, he has played a key role in its growth.

Apart from that, he has another side of him that also does a noble work in helping the country. Tony Petrello is a philanthropist who has been supporting major initiatives in the country, especially in Texas. As a business executive in Texas, he has led the way for other people to make moves that have benefited the Texas community in a big way. Anthony Petrello has been leading from the front in t initiatives that he has been supporting. His role in support of the healthcare department in the state has been phenomenal.

Tony Petrello has contributed money amounting to millions of dollars in various initiatives. The lion’s share of his donation has gone towards the neurological research Centre located at Texas Children Hospital. This is an initiative that he holds dearly. He hopes that the research center will succeed it its work. He has personally contributed over $5 million to this center. The money is to be spent in hiring top surgeons and doctors who will carry out a research on neurological disorders that affect children. The research center is going to the first research center in the world that is focused on coming up with solutions for children.

Tony Petrello will be a direct beneficiary of any progress that will be made by this research center. As a parent with a daughter who is suffering from a neurological disorder, Tony Petrello is committed to seeing the research center succeed in mission. His daughter might be one of the children who will benefit from this research. As a wealthy business person, Tony Petrello is dedicated to helping many other parents going through the same ordeal have peace in their life. He hopes this research center will help thousands of children who suffer from neurological diseases.

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The American Institute of Architects Collaborate with Professionals From Other Fields

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA), an organization with a worldwide membership of over 90,000 licensed architects encourages their members to be creative incorporating other fields in their creativity. The AIA announced at the recent Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting a ten-year commitment to expand its focus to include public health, sustainability and resiliency to natural disasters in their designs for urban development. The CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy elaborated further on that announcement when interviewed by Reena Jana, a correspondent for Smart Planet.

Robert Ivy explained that public health has historically been a focus of architects going back to the design of Washington where the swamps had to be drained before construction could begin. Again, when Central Park was designed, substandard housing was eliminated to begin the construction of a new recreational space in the center of Manhattan for thousands to have access to daily.

He also expressed how design enhances health. A building with stairs encourages exercise. A building with properly placed and functioning windows encourages access to clean flowing air. He stated that material choices are also fundamental in determining the health of the occupants. The architect’s choice of materials makes a difference in the health of the individuals and the masses. If the system is unhealthy, it can affect many people, so the goal is to cause no harm and if possible enhance health.

Robert Ivy clarified what the architect’s mantra was today, to promote the well-being of persons. Basically, architects have always concerned themselves with the design of spaces and the promotion of health, safety and welfare. Architects consider how their designs affect people’s physical and psychic well-being.

AIA is sponsoring a hackathon to engage the tech community. It is the hope that working together, both communities will discover ways to work together effectively. The hope is that the joint venture between architecture and tech of developing an app would make interacting with the public a more natural process and both tech and architecture would benefit by their increased exposure to the consumer.

One of the main skills architects learn to master is team coordination. Working across fields with professionals from other industries is right in the architect’s job description. Creating buildings requires being able to work with large teams of people who contribute to many facets of the building. AIA believes that with those strengths, architects have the skills to combine the efforts of people working together from multiple disciplines to build wonderfully diverse and healthy structures for mankind.


OSI Goup, Custom Food Solutions & Its Global Dominance

Did you know that retailors, schools and businesses receive their food products from food suppliers? Did you know that many of the same retailors, schools and businesses receive food products from the exact food supplier? That’s right! Unless a company has a special farm or a special food server of its own, they’re most definitely using a food supplier for receiving goods. One of the leading food suppliers is located right here in the U.S. This company has been around since the early 1900s and as of today, it has provided custom food solutions for many high-profile clients.

OSI Group is the name and supplying the world with some of the best custom food solutions is its game. This company was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolshowski. In its early days, it was just a small meat market, but what separated it from its competitors is that it offered some of the freshest of meats. Located in Oak Park, Illinois, this company would grow considerably throughout the years and as of today, it is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group produces some of the best tasting custom foods such as meatballs, onions, tomatoes, flatbread, panini, link sausages, pot roast, pulled pork, beef patties, tofu, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, pepperoni, flavored sausages and many more. This company just so happens to be one of the largest private companies in the country. Its size is immense, especially when it’s being considered on an international scale. OSI Group has over 20,000 employees, and it spans across 17 different countries. On top of that, the company has around 65 state-of the-art facilities.

Business acquisitions play a huge role in the success of this company. OSI Group is very successful when it comes to this action as it has acquired many prominent names such as Flagship Europe and BAHO Foods. These two European giants also provided great food solutions in their respected parts of the globe. With these new acquisitions, OSI Group is now able to expand its business practices into untapped markets. This is business 101 at its finest and nobody in this field of work seems to do it better than this company. All in all, OSI Group is at the top of its class because it provides great products, it’s setting newer trends, and it’s changing the status quo.

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