VTA Publications Tackles Investing 101

VTA publications is spearheaded by Jim Hunt, who is the Chief Executive Officer. He is a financial advisor who built his name and excellent reputation in the stock market. He, therefore, is well versed in making smart and safe trades in the bull market. Jim Hunt is also popularly known for his YouTube account where he freely shares information about his most current investment. He has a unique and particular ability to accurately read, predict and also the translation of information for the average investor is what pushes his informational videos on YouTube so popular.

During an interview, Hunt explains the idea of VTA publications is to help the average investor to prosper and also take charge of their financial destiny rather than the bank.


Hunt states that he brings his ideas to life by establishing a platform with what various clients want then provides a solution for their needs. He reads and researches in many qualities while tuned to the customer’s needs and allows their concept to percolate through the filter. Jim says relaxation is when the ideas surface on their own and then he fleshes them out to the customers tweaking or scrapping them.


Jim further says that discipline is a trend that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. He sets his strict goals and segments them into daily chunks, and each and every goal must be achieved. Jim says that given a chance in life to start over again he would do nothing differently. He says he has accomplished a lot in life and that the mistakes that one commits are what give us our character.

Jim Hunt says as an entrepreneur he would recommend investors to study human phycology and listen to people’s problems and provide solutions.


VTA publications limited is a company with a mission to provide cutting edge information on both aspects digital and physical. The company has also specialized in the fields of economics and financial. The company tends to source the very best and qualified experts around the world and bring their experience, expertise, and tradecraft to their clients in the simple use of formats.

How Richard Blair Eases Stress

Among the most stressful things in a person’s life is finances. For one thing, people need finances in order to live. Without finances, people can’t buy food, pay for electricity, and in most cases, keep a roof over their head.

While money can be hard to come by for most people, the most important aspect of finances comes from managing the money that one is given. Making millions of dollars is no good for anyone who would just spend it all on nonsense. For one thing, there are tons of things that one could do with money that will actually result in making more money.

In order to take advantage of these activities, many people need mentoring and advising. According to Intelius, there is Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. Blair has a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to money management.

Therefore, he knows the many different techniques for saving money. For one thing, saving money is more than hoarding money. There are also deals that one could take advantage of that will keep the cashflow from running low. Richard Blair advises people in this respect among other activities.

Another method of saving money actually works in a multitude of ways. This is in making investments. There are many activities that Richard is very knowledgeable about when it comes to investment.

One thing that is to be said about investing is that it does involve risk. Therefore, it is important for the individual who is interested in investing to look at what he is investing in. It is also important to study about different methods of earning from investments. This will help him find a method that is best suited for him.

One thing that Richard Blair advises against is looking for get rich quick schemes. The best way to earn a lot of money is to do it slowly over time. The other way is more like gambling and it is ill advised by Richard Blair.

Wisdom with the money that one has gained is very important. This is the difference between retiring comfortably and going bankrupt. The former is more desirable.

Geoffrey Cone clarifies that New Zealand is not Tax Haven

New Zealand has always provided a safe environment for people to park their investments. Over the years, foreign trusts have become very popular. However, there have been some misconceptions about why people are choosing New Zealand for their estate planning. Geoffrey Cone took the task of explaining that New Zealand is not a tax haven as some people presume. Read more: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10846049

The country has never made the OECD list of tax havens and is unlikely to make it. Tax havens are regions that enforce every minimal taxes or none at all. They also make it hard for governments to get tax data as there is no exchange of information, not to mention transparency is not usually a concern. In fact, New Zealand was among the first ones to implement OECD’s 2002 Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. The country also lacks a private banking industry.

Transparency Regulations

New Zealand has proven its commitment to transparency by instituting requirements for foreign trust and trustees regarding information sharing. Other governments that need information about a particular foreign trust can easily access it. The IRD requires a resident of the country who administers a foreign trust to keep records of financial transactions and present a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) for tax purposes. Other records that a trustee is compelled to have in hand include the deed of trust, the assets and liabilities of the trust, monies the trustee receives and spends, and details concerning settlement and distribution. These records have to be available in English and kept in New Zealand. A trustee who does not adhere to these regulations is subject to substantial penalties.

The country also has tax information agreements with different nations across the globe, not to mention 39 double tax agreements. These regulations are to ensure that people don’t use foreign trusts to avoid or evade paying taxes. New Zealand has a worldwide reputation as being a stable place to base assets. This standing is, in some part, made possible by lawyers and accountants who work with international clients.

About Cone

Geoffrey Cone is an international tax advisor with a practice in Auckland. Cone Marshall opened in 1999 and deals exclusively with international tax planning. The company, together with its affiliates, offers trust and trustee management services in the country. Cone has amassed considerable experience over the years since graduating from the University of Otago with LLB honors.

He started in Auckland the moved to Christchurch to work in a law firm. Before starting the firm with his partner Karen Marshall, he worked as a litigator in the British West Indies for two years. He appeared as leading counsel in all types of court cases. Besides commercial litigation, he did trust and trust advisory work.

Learn more: http://coys.co.nz/company/?no=1027059-GEOFFREY+CONE+AGENCIES+LIMITED

Why Shared Office Space is Becoming the New Norm

Whether you’re freelancing or trying to start your own business, a designated office space can really help you focus and get in the right mindset to work. If you don’t have room in your home or apartment to make an office, you may want to look into shared office space. Shared office space is a designated office area complete with furniture and IT services that you can rent as needed to use as work space. This setup offers many advantages and benefits.

One major benefit to shared office space is cost. When sharing office space, the costs of rent, utilities and office equipment are also shared. Sharing the costs makes renting a work space far more affordable and allows you to enter into a short-term agreement rather than signing a multi-year commercial lease for a space you only need temporarily. Some shared office spaces even provide secretarial and support staff for a nominal fee well below the cost of hiring.

Sharing office space also provides security. Only those with whom you are sharing the space have access to it, so you need not worry about security or safety. Unlike your local coffee shop or library, a shared office provides a quiet and private work area that not just anyone can access.

You may also find a surprising number of networking opportunities in a shared office. You’ll be working in an office with other people, allowing you to socialize with and meet new people. Some of them may be able to provide connections to business opportunities for your blossoming company. Your odds of finding an opportunity through networking are much higher in a coworking space than they are when you work alone at your dining room table.

If you would like to try sharing office space and work in New York City, consider WorkvilleNYC. Conveniently located mere steps from Times Square, Workville has both shared and private work spaces as well as meeting rooms, all of which are full of natural light and comfortable furniture. At Workville, the coffee is fresh, the internet is fast and the offices are cleaned daily. There is also a lounge area and three terraces to host you when it’s time for a break. It’s the perfect place to be productive, meet clients in a professional setting and enjoy the feel of a luxury office without the associated price tag.


Here is a list of ten Life Hacks from Wengie that she says she would actually use herself.
10. Do you ever have clothes that no longer look new due to pilling? Take a disposable razor and use it to shave off the pilling! Works like a charm.
9. Have you ever needed to get your key off the key ring? Next time use a staple remover to open the ring up and slide your key right off.
8. Have you ever left the house and forgotten something? To help you remember, just place an item that you usually forget on or under the item that you tend to not forget.
7. If you write something on paper and don’t want anyone else to know what it was, try scribbling other numbers and letters on top to make it more difficult to read.
6. To get yourself more motivated to fold your clothes, place them in a pile on your bed so you will have to fold them in order to get into your bed.
5. To keep important papers from getting bent in your purse or backpack, place a piece of cardboard inside a Ziplock bag and place items inside. It keeps them nice looking.
4. To keep your trashcan from getting soiled in the bottom, place newspaper inside the bag to help soak up liquids. And to keep your bag from sliding inside your trashcan, place wall hooks upside down on the outside to hold the handles in place.
3. To help you remember your perfect shower water temperature, use a marker to make a mark on the handle so you will always know the spot that is your perfect temperature.
2. Have you ever gotten to the bottom of the cereal box and it’s mostly mushy crumbs? You can actually get a colander and place it over a bowl to sift them out.
1. Do you ever go to the store but can’t remember what is in your refrigerator? Take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator with your cell phone.

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David Osio Is A Generous Financial Advisor

In addition to being an incredibly generous man, David Osio is a man of many talents. Aside from Spanish he is perfectly fluent in English and can communicate in French as well. David’s meteoric rise to success can be traced back to the year 1981. It was at that time that David managed a program for a coffee exporter. His position was CEO and President of OPED enterprises. From there he transitioned to LETCO Commercial companies and he successfully changed their marketing programs to make their products more appealing to the American market. Recognizing his talent, he was promoted within the company.

Today, David Osio is the CEO of the Davos Financial Group. He founded the company in Venezuela in 1993. His success has been fueled by his ability to provide the highest quality financial advice to a small group of prestigious customers. The company has been incredibly successful over the past 20 years and David is a man who has chosen to share his success with the communities that he operates his business in. David’s Davos Financial Group is a multinational corporation that now has offices in Lison, Miami, Panama City, Geneva, and New York. In each of these cities, David has made a point of endowing local non-profits with the resources needed for them to thrive.

David hopes that by giving he can also inspire others to behave generously. It is extremely important for organizations such as the Wayuu Taya foundation that donors reach into their own pockets and provide support. These organizations provide a great benefit to the community. David also provides annual financial support for the Fundana Foundation, the UMA Foundation, and the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami. For all of his generosity people have been eager to recognize David and give him awards. David is a humble man and appreciates the recognition but that is not why he does it.

David loves to see artistic organizations thrive. He has long been a supporter of the arts, music, and the medical community. One of his favorite organizations to help has been the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He has also chosen to be a member of the board for this organization to have a direct hand in its growth and sustained success. Every year that the symphony remains open and performs it brings joy to David’s face and he knows that the music it plays affects others in the community the same way.

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Helping The Russian Educational Sector

Alexei Beltyukov is a well-known philanthropist and a successful Russian entrepreneur. He graduated from the INSEAD University with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Alexei helped established a Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. The scholarship offers financial assistance to needy Russian students that are admitted to the INSEAD University. Alexei Beltyukov has contributed to starting many start-ups in Russia. He established A-Ventures Limited. The company helps other companies within Russia with financial assistance when they are faced with financial struggles. Alexei Beltyukov also works with the Russian government. He provides them with economic advice and support through the Skolkovo Foundation, where he is the current Vice President.

Alexei Beltyukov has founded several companies like New Gas Technologies, SOLVY, and Endemic Capital. SOLVY is an educational online homework platform for high school students. It works by generating homework assignments according to set parameters. SOLVY then allows teachers to create and administer customized learning exercises in an efficient manner. The online platform provided by SOLVY promotes progressive thinking by encouraging and allowing students to make mistakes and learn from them. Students are required to show their working and the answer that they arrive at. Alexei Beltyukov launched SOLVY at EdSurger Conference in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 25th.

SOLVY is advantageous in that it is a free platform for interested students, teacher, and schools. The platform has truly revolutionized the education system. Students can access exercises that have been handpicked by their teachers. A teacher can as well assign tasks to the students based on their particular needs. The online platform allows teachers to get notifications that alert them of students that need extra support based on their performance.

The platform helps save teachers’ time. Another advantage is that is that SOLVY helps teachers use their time efficiently and provide a real-world context for learning in a classroom at the same time. SOLVY is also readily available on a lot of devices. The students can interact with a graphing tool. The platform also allows teachers to see how students solve each problem. Therefore, they can pinpoint errors and miscalculations that students make.

Improve Your Life, Improve the World

Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible. It is the wisdom that reveals how life and the universe work. The practice originated in the late 12th century in Europe and has gone through a number of reinterpretations throughout the centuries. It reached the pinnacle of its influence toward the end of the Middle Ages and remains significant in the Hasidic branch of Judaism today. In the 21st Century, interest in Kabbalah spans across denominations, and is credited with contributing to a broader non-Jewish spirituality.

The word Kabbalah literally translates to ‘that which is received.’ The Kabbalist strives to open himself to a higher reality, and raise consciousness to the point where his understanding of truth is completely changed. Only then is the divine within all creation revealed. The foundational work in the literature of Kabbalah is the Zohar, a group of books that contains commentary on the mystical aspects of the Torah.

The Kabbalah Centre International is a non-profit organization that offers courses on the Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. Students study Kabbalah to learn how to receive fulfillment in their lives, and The Kabbalah Centre’s goal is to provide a program to help them do just that. Teachers impart the spiritual tools to empower students to apply to their own lives. By making the principles of Kabbalah understandable and relevant to everyday life, teachers at Kabbalah Centres support students in their quest to advance their lives and improve the world.

Kabbalah Centre courses are offered online as well as through centers and study groups worldwide. Kabbalah Centers are located on all seven continents, in more than 40 cities. Extensive online offerings are available, so access is guaranteed, regardless of one’s location.

In addition to courses, Kabbalah Centres function as community hubs for students. Weekly and monthly events, including lectures, meditation, shared meals, tours, and retreats offer students the opportunity to share their journey with others and build friendships. Some of these offerings are offered through live streaming, to again extend participation to those without access to one of the brick and mortar locations.

Twitter: @kabbalahcentre

Is Kabbalah right for you? Applying the Mysticism of an Ancient Religion to Modern Lives

According to the Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah contains the secrets of the universe and is the key to understanding the mysteries of the human heart and soul. For those who struggle with past hurts and progressive blockages, Kabbalah can help. Within every human live the potential for greatness. Kabbalah unlocks that greatness.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Kabbalah, and what sets it apart from many religions is that it is not meant simply as a series of texts to be read and remembered, but rather as a tool to improve one’s very life, bringing clarity, understanding and freedom, and in the end, escaping death. Learn, Transform, Connect: The Kabbalah Centre’s three pronged approach to discovering the Kabbalah encourages those interested to first learn as much as they can through online resources and written texts, and then to connect with others through the Kabbalah Centre’s 40 physical centers and/or hundreds of study groups.

Students can enhance their understanding of their spiritual journeys by embarking on physical guided tours of Sacred Spaces such as Israel and Morocco, with highly qualified teachers whose sole purpose is to help their students stimulate their senses and awaken their souls.

The Kabbalah Centre states, “Kabbalah is not a philosophy. Kabbalah is work to be done.” Nowhere is this more clear than in their impressive breadth of charitable initiatives. Those at the Centre have done much good work, helping to heal the hurts of natural tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the unfortunate man-made tragedies of poverty, gender inequality and hunger.

If you are interested in learning more about Kabbalah, consider exploring the many options offered by the Kabbalah Centre. A non-profit organization founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre serves by providing an education to those who seek a greater understanding of kabbalistic principles and how they can be utilized in their own lives. Teachers guide students in using the spiritual tools to benefit themselves, while leaving a better world behind. Students who are unable to afford the education are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. Follow the Kabbalah Centre on Twitter @kabbalahcentre to learn more.

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The Amazing Power of Shea Butter

If you’re tired of dry, cracked and worn out skin in need of a little tender loving care make sure you stop to consider Shea Butter as your moisturizer of choice. The market is flooded with products promising endless benefits and results but the most set in stone cure for skin in need of rescue is simple and pure Shea Butter.

Shea butter origins can be traced to the continent of Africa where the amazing product was discovered in the fruit of the Shea tree. This creamy, natural moisturizer also has tremendous healing properties. It is credited with creating a smoother, clearer skin tone and helps to reduce and counteract the effects of the loss of collagen we experience as we age.

The concentration of vitamins E and A in Shea Butter helps with a whole host of skin conditions. The list of problem areas that are successfully treated and eliminated with Shea Butter is unbelievably lengthy. Some of these include Eczema, frost bite, blemishes, burns, insect bites, minimizing stretch marks as well as relieving muscle fatigue and tension.

Not all Shea Butter products are created equal so you want to choose a product that will allow you to receive maximum benefits. A popular choice is Eu-Genia Shea Butter. Featured on MSNBC and the NY Times the company produces a form of Shea Butter that is grown sustainably and contains 95% Shea content which is far above what is used by other companies.

The company which was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst is named after her mother and is helping build economic opportunities for women in the developing world. The product is being manufactured by a female workforce based out of northern Ghana with many of the employees being mothers given the opportunity to make wage that exceeds that of the average worker.

With many options for your skin care few have the purity and quality that this product has to offer. Most store bought moisturizers listing Shea Butter as an ingredient generally contain less the 25% of the ingredient. With a substance that has so much to offer the greater and purer the concentration of it the better.

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