A Look At New Brunswick’s Latest Rental Development

The Quincy Is Open For Leasing In New Brunswick


After months of anticipation, the Quincy is finally open for leasing. This luxury rental apartment building is found on Nielsen Street and is just across the street from the Plaza Square apartments. It has one and two bedroom apartment units for rent as well as smaller studio apartments.


A rooftop pool that is open in the summer time and indoor garage parking are some of the standout features of the Quincy. Residents will also enjoy a brand new spacious fitness room, a community room and pet friendly amenities such as a dog park. The location of the Quincy is also something that adds value to it. It is located right along a ramp that leads to New Jersey Route 18. Commuter rail is accessible via a bus transfer or a short drive.


A Pizza Delivery Driver Is Robbed On Quincy Circle


Dayton, New Jersey had an incident where a pizza delivery driver was called to deliver a pizza for a home located on Quincy Circle. It turned out the call was fake and was an attempt to set up the delivery driver to be robbed. Police nabbed the suspects a year later through phone records that linked them to the call that set up the pizza delivery driver to the area. It is interesting to note, that the thieves were already in jail by the time police finally uncovered who was behind the Dayton, New Jersey robbery. Parysh Wood and two accomplices were in Middlesex County Corrections facilities for similar charges when they were charged with this additional criminal offense.


A Person Is Shot At The New Brunswick Apartments


October 5th, saw a shooting in the evening as night approached at the New Brunswick Apartments on Commercial Avenue. One man was reported shot and had to be transported to a hospital for treatment. The shooting, it was reported, did not lead to any fatalities. Bullet casing were founded near the first building of the New Brunswick Apartments. The gunmen was described as wearing a hoodie sweater and ran off towards Nielsen street. Police have yet to find out who was behind the shooting. It could have been gang or drug related.