A Reflection of Hard Work and Commitment

Diversant LLC is one of the firms that have had dramatic change in terms of its growth and this provides a clear view of proper operations in the administering of IT services and diverse solutions to clients. This firm is acknowledged as being the largest Africa-American owned firm with IT staffing and impressive solutions basing on needs of clients. Despite several economic downturns, this company has been able to overcome them and this has guarded its reputation among numerous companies. The team working for Diversant LLC is trained to serve clients accordingly basing on their needs. Success has been the driving force for this firm

The consultative approach has enabled us achieve success. We aim at treating both our consultants and clients as partners and by this way we are in a position to understand different needs and challenges brought forth to us. It is this that enables us come up with strategic solutions that perfectly solve challenges that our clients face. We provide unique initiatives that are designed to easily promote diversity in workplaces as well as the supply chain. If you are interested in becoming a client account manager or an IT recruiter, this is the firm to associate yourself with. You will be offered superior training, mentorship and an opportunity to build your network basing on your professional needs.

This is one man that cannot be left out in a discussion when speaking about the success of Diversant LLC. Currently, John Goullet is serving as the principal of this amazing firm. In 1994, john established info technologies where he was the chief executive officer. Before resolving to start his own company on IT staffing, Goullet worked as an IT staffing executive as well as a computer consultant. Info Technologies was founded with an aim to understand the corporate climate as well as give quality solutions for clients basing n their IT needs. (Check out  John’s Facebook)

Through his passion in IT, John has managed to develop new ways to help solve challenges that are arising from the evolving IT marketplace thus playing a very vital role.