Academy of Art University Graduates Contribute to the Fashion Industry

At the New York Fashion Week, a number of people gathered to evaluate the latest trends and talent in the fashion industry. This past September the School of Fashion of the Academy of Art University held a runway event that was intended to showcase the creative talents of many graduates. At the Skylight Clarkson Square, a number of BFA and MFA graduates showed off the newest apparel for both men and women. The designers were able to put together a very diverse assortment of clothing designs that were quite appealing. With a variety of silhouettes, ideas and craftsmanship techniques, a number of the fashion experts were quite impressed with the contributions made by the graduates of the Academy of Art University.


The Academy of Art University is an institution of higher education that specializes in providing students with instruction in various artistic fields. These include graphic design, fashion design, and art. This institution has emerged as one of the most popular and well known institutions for people that are looking to start a career in the creative arts industry. With a variety of programs and quality instruction, students who are looking to get involved in the creative occupations will have a great place to gain the skills to enhance their talents. Part of what makes this a leading educational institution is its open admissions policy. Anyone that is looking to learn the arts and develop their skills can enroll.


Like most other education institutions, the Academy of Art University has a mission statement that entails its objectives. First, this institution looks to admit a number of students who are looking to learn artistic fields. Another part of the university mission is to emphasize a disciplined approach to learning art and design. It also looks to have instructors that are experienced professionals in the artistic fields to teach students. Lastly, the university operates in urban settings in order to give students the opportunity to contribute to their community.


There are a number of things that distinguish the Academy of Art University as a leading institution. The Academy of Art University offers an admissions policy that doesn’t have any barriers so anyone can enroll to learn artistic and creative fields. It also provides a community of support to allow students to work together to develop their skills. With the Academy of Art University, students will have the opportunity to learn from those who actually practice in their respective artistic fields.