Brad Reifler Details Hot Investing Tips

Brad Reifler has made a career out of turning moderately sized investments into even larger investments. You can trace Reifler’s success throughout his time with Pali Capital and now Forefront Capital, the firm that he had founded and currently sits as the CEO of. Over time Reifler has changed the way that he approaches helping people through their investments. As of 2014, reported by Reuters, Reifler is changing his approach to helping potential investment partners. Now he is making a focused push toward helping lower income investors, the non-accredited investor, change their financial fortunes. Listed below are just a few tips he brought to the public for consumption.

The first thing any investor needs to know, according to Reifler, is the risks and potential expenses that are looming over you. Reifler suggests that any potential investor take stock of their own assets while creating goals that can be achieved. Having a plan in place allows you to focus your money and funnel it toward wherever you are intending to take them. Once you have a game plan in mind and you are appropriately aware of potential pitfalls you can move forward. From there Reifler suggests you create a trusting relationship with whoever is going to be allowed to handle your money. You want to be able to voice concerns with your fund manager and you want them to be open and honest about the best routes to take with your money.

Reifler has dramatically changed his focus in terms of the sort of clients he takes on. With the establishment of Forefront Income Trust it seems apparent that his focus is on the ‘99%’ of investors that truly need help moving their money around in order to change their lives. Reifler has first hand experience in knowing how hard it can be to turn around a small financial amount and now he’s helping others.  Read the full story on