Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Lawyer And Founder Of FAGALI Advocacy

Bruno Fagali is one of the most popular lawyers in Brazil today. He founded the FAGALI Advocacy which aims to stop the corruption in the country. Brazil has been consistently added to the list of world’s most corrupt countries, and this is what Bruno Fagali wanted to change. The corruption in Brazil is severe, starting at the very bottom of the government, and plagues all the departments that are under the executive, legislative and judiciary branch.

Bruno Fagali introduced the departmental drive, which is an information dissemination program among the employees who are working in the lowest political ranks. He aims to stop the culture of corruption which is why he is starting at the bottom.

The Brazilian lawyer has been hailed as a hero because of his efforts to cut the corruption in the country. Usually, he would visit a governmental department and would inform the employees about how bad the corruption in Brazil has become. He would distribute leaflets and other reading materials telling the employees about the impact of corruption on the economy and the society. The departmental drive in the government departments is proven to be effective because of the significant decrease in the number of corruption instances happening since the FAGALI Advocacy was initiated.

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Today, Bruno Fagali keeps on working with his colleagues to promote the transparent government that he is longing for. Many Brazilians are supporting his cause, and they are also rallying behind Bruno Fagali. With the efforts shown by the prominent Brazilian lawyer, many people dared to voice out their concern with the Brazilian government. They wanted Brazil to be erased from the embarrassing list, and the move for change resulted in an astounding change in the number of corruption cases.

It is still a long way for Brazilians before their country would be removed from the list of the most corrupt states on the planet. But with people like Bruno Fagali, who is extending his effort in fighting the culture of corruption, it is not impossible to see Brazil shrugging off the title as a thing of the past.

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