Class Dojo Capital Allows Expansion of Successful Academic Platform

In mid-April 2016, ClassDojo announced that it had raised $21 million in a Series B venture funding round. The cofounders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, announced that they expect to use the capital to expand their 25-member team while deciphering what kinds of app features would appeal to parents at home, outside the school year. ClassDojo connects teachers and parents The educational communication platform involves all three crucial parties to classroom success: teachers, students, and parents. It takes the traditional models of classroom rewards and other criticisms but makes them instantaneous and interactive. Supporters recognize that the feedback fosters a supportive community. For example, when a student does well in class, a participating teacher can add a point to the child’s app icon. If the student’s parents subscribe for updates, they receive instant notification of the status. ClassDojo also involves parents in classroom management. Teachers can also keep parents up to date by posting their class schedules and updates. They can also share photos and videos and give provide feedback on daily activities. Some special education teachers also use the app to create individualized teaching plans that involve the parents. ClassDojo attracts loyal followers The success of ClassDojo has won followers among teachers across the nation. At least one teacher in one out of every two schools uses the platform. The 85,000 American schools using the program include public and private schools. It is most popular in classes between kindergarten and 8th grade. Teachers and parents praise ClassDojo because the instant and plentiful feedback encourages students to build skills like teamwork and persistence. Rather than simply receiving grades once a semester, students have daily opportunities to earn positive recognition. This ground-up change creates a positive culture in the classrooms and throughout the participating schools. Capital offers ClassDojo opportunity to expand services ClassDojo does what it does well but its founders and their investors see the opportunity for growth. Social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat have become integrated in users’ daily lives and there is potential for ClassDojo to do the same. With its messaging, photo, and video capabilities, ClassDojo offers the same types of connectivity options for teachers, parents, and students, but with a more defined purpose. It could even be used to link parents with school cash accounts and to customize items like their children’s school yearbooks.


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