Deere: The Unconventional CEO Behind Lime Crime Makeup


Lime Crime makeup CEO Doe Deere is anything but traditional, and she likes it that way. She’s always been creative, daring and ahead of the trends and unafraid to venture way out there. The Russian-born, New York City raised young businesswoman first started out in music. With her husband Mark, they established a “fairy tale rock band” called Sky Salt, and Doe sang vocals. The group broke up in 2006, and Doe turned her imaginative eye towards the world of beauty. She had found her true niche, but the road to fame would take patience and a morphing of current makeup ideals.

Doe wanted crazy colors in her palette that were bright and bold, playful and dreamy like the elusive unicorn. She developed highly pigmented lipsticks, eye shadows that sparkled and liners that strongly framed the eyes. That’s what Lime Crime cosmetics was all about, a self-empowering, fun, creative way to laugh at the world and create your own ideas of what’s beautiful.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime website offers young women and men a gorgeous palette of makeup to choose from. She also displays a journal she kept from 2008 to 2011 called the Her fans get updates about Lime Crime’s newest makeup additions and can look back at her entries about her business and beauty philosophy. Doe also creates cool makeup and outfit choices to gain inspiration from.

Doe is the self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen,” and everything she creates delivers unique beauty to the buyer. Her makeup line is bright, modern and doesn’t follow the proper traditions of the past. Doe’s pigments pop and are unafraid to be noticed. Her cosmetics line allows young people to experiment with their own concept of beauty and make a statement to the world. It’s makeup that is liberating to the soul with glitter, naughtiness and a look at me attitude.

You can follow Lime Crime’s Doe Deere on Twitter and Instagram, where she posts regularly on social media. She also has a fan club called Team Candyfuture.

Doe Deere currently lives with her husband and three cats in Los Angeles.

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