Kevin Seawright’s Company Continues Growth In Baltimore Area

RPS Solutions LLC has recently announced that they are celebrating success in their plan to provide affordable homes to first time homeowners. The joint partnership was founded by Kevin Seawright back in 2015 when he decided it was time to strengthen the community of Baltimore, Maryland by tackling the housing market. He and his company work to find ways for individuals in the community to own their own home and surpass the current home-ownership rate in the city, 48.3%. The company now has a goal to fill the Belvedere Square neighborhood, a big step in achieving their goal.

The goal of raising home ownership in the area will benefit the city in numerous ways economically as well as a reward for individuals that the company hopes to bring to as many individuals as possible. RPS Solutions works to assist homebuyers in the purchasing process by connecting them to mortgage lenders to help them purchase homes the company has worked to renovate and construct.

The company is run jointly by Kevin Seawright who serves as both the accounting and project manager. Prior to his time with RPS Solutions LLC, Seawright worked in local government, education, and real estate development in both the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas. He is strongly connected to the community and this serves as his driving force to push the company to help the local area and the members of the city. Due to the efforts of Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC, the Baltimore area is continuously gaining thriving neighborhoods with every new homeowner who joins the neighborhoods.  Another accomplishment in Kevin’s growing career.

This in turn helps the community and the company reach their overall goal of raising the home-owner rates in the city. Filling the Belvedere Square area with new homeowners is a huge step towards achieving their goal, and the company hopes to continue growing and filling new neighborhoods.  Kevin knows a thing or two about these economic achievements, being the CFO of the Newark CEDC.