Marc Sparks: The Entrepreneur On A Mission To Help People In Business

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur with a philanthropic side ( When it comes to business, Marc Sparks knows the tricks of the trade owing to the numerous projects and startups that he has given life to. Currently, Marc Sparks lives in Dallas and runs most of his companies out of the state of Texas, but above all, is known for his dedication to helping budding entrepreneurs. He has gained this knowledge from the sheer amount of years he has spent working towards making his companies prominent in the fields that they are in. He also has a knack for helping those businesses that are facing a few hurdles along the way. He has worked with numerous people, turning their problem ridden companies into huge successes. Marc Sparks has always been the kind of businessman that believes in having a plan. Whenever he is helping any entrepreneur with their business, he always begins by analyzing their company and then formulating a plan of action for their growth based on the information he has. Learn more:


To help entrepreneurs on a much greater level, Marc Sparks decided to pen down his business ventures and the ups and downs he experienced. He published a book so that he could provide his business insights to people from all corners of the world. The book is carefully drafted to make the reader understand the different intricacies of business, and gives them a peek into the life of Marc Sparks and the business ventures that he has undertaken. Complete with his ups and downs, his words are something that every entrepreneur must take into consideration before they start out their business venture. Learn more:


It is clear that Marc Sparks tries to help people in business, but he also tries to do his bit to help those in need, in his way of course. Every year, Marc hosts a competition that he calls ‘Spark Tank.‘ The competition calls organizations who are involved in social work from around the country to give their ideas to Marc Sparks with the hope of winning a grand prize, which is an overall fund to their organization and the people who they wish to help. With this, Marc Sparks has helped change the lives of numerous people all over the country, while making dreams come true for social entrepreneurs.


Marc Sparks has given life to numerous firms and businesses through the course of his career. He has also had a few extremely successful ones of his own like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. Telecommunications and media are two of the sectors that Marc Sparks mainly specializes in, and are also the sectors in which he has had the most amount of business start-ups. Learn more: