Martavis Bryant-A Good Choice To Increase Your Fantasy Football Rankings

Martavis Bryant may have been evicted from 2016 Fantasy Football Line-up but never fear Fantasy Footballers, he is back and ready to move your league into a WR1 record season. Forecasters believe that if he can refrain from being suspended this season he can easily move into WR1 Fantasy Football rankings, with a possibility of being a WR2 contender.

Fantasy Football is a fantasy league made up of owners who are distributed into teams. Fantasy Football Rankings are tallied at the end of each week. End of Season Fantasy Football rankings are based on the win-loss records of the players that have been chosen by each owner and member on a team. Those with the highest Fantasy Football rankings are then allocated into a mock “playoff” season and the winning leagues can be chosen from the league with the most total points, or in a head off between two leagues.