Meet Logan Stout the Founder and CEO of IDLife

Logan Stout is the CEO and founder of IDLife. The company is dedicated to health and wellness through the provision of customized nutrition. Stout established the company in 2014. Under his stewardship, IDLife has been ranked among 100 leading multi-level marketing companies in the world. To Stout, IDLife is more than just a profit making venture as he is passionate about helping individuals attain good health which is a prerequisite to being successful in other spheres of life. With the recent partnership of IDLife with Garmin, Stout’s brainchild is on its way to becoming the leading nutritional supplements provider in the US. Apart from IDLife, Stout has started over ten companies in America.

Stout is a sports enthusiast. He is an accomplished professional baseball player who participated in 17 World Series events either as a player or a coach. Stouts love for sports developed when he was at J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, TX. He was part of the school’s Student Athletic Council, and he was awarded the MVP for his excellent performance in junior and senior basketball games. His love for sports culminated in the establishment of Dallas Patriots baseball organization which he also heads. The organization’s aim is to transform young baseball players to professional players. The organization prides itself on enabling its graduates to be part of college baseball.

One thing about Stout is his concern for other people. Apart from helping individuals attain their health goals, Stout is a motivational speaker. Through a book he authored, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams,” Stouts enumerates an array of strategies that can push someone up the leader of success. He has also partnered with John C. Maxwell to speak to people on crucial topics of life such as leadership. He often encourages people to invest resources such as time and money in developing themselves to become better. He advises potential entrepreneurs to study the baby boomers and develop products or services tailored to make their lives better.

Stout is married to Haley, and the two are blessed with two sons. They reside in Frisco, Texas.

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