Paul Mampilly Helping Change Lives of Ordinary People with Investment Opportunities

Paul Mampilly is a reputed investor who has spent 20 years working for the best investment companies on Wall Street. He has managed multi-dollar accounts and has been awarded numerous investing awards. He soon became tired of the demanding job and chose to spend time with his family. But, instead of retiring completely, he is still an ongoing and successful investor.

Paul Mampilly collaborated with Banyan Hill Publishing to start his newsletter ‘Profits Unlimited’ in 2016. In the past year, its subscribers have grown to more than 60,000. The newsletter is directed towards ordinary people looking for the best and the most profitable investment opportunities out there. For those looking to earn significant returns look up to his recommendations. For every stock that he advises people to buy, he keeps updating its results on his website every week. He conducts thorough research and keeps himself updated about the political and economic condition of the country and the world to predict the companies that are going to make it big every year.

Among many of his suggestion, Paul Mampilly advises people to buy stock of food companies. The current generation is the one that is reaching adulthood without any knowledge of cooking. This generation relies heavily on restaurants and fast food and spends much more than their previous generation. But, they also want to have a homemade meal without having to cook it themselves or leave their homes to get. People today not only want to eat cooked food that makes their lives easier but also want to stay healthy and fit. It offers an excellent opportunity for food delivery service providers. It is the reason why food delivery companies such as Blue Apron and Plated are growing at such a fast rate. They offer home delivery services for healthy meals and have different menus for people with different dietary needs.

According to Paul Mampilly, the great car revolution is about to hit the world. Car manufacturers need to start manufacturing vehicles that can compete with Tesla or they would be left behind and would have to shut down in a few years. Electric cars are becoming more affordable, and there is a slow but growing shift towards them. Even though Tesla comes at a higher price than other ordinary cars, their maintenance and after purchase expense is much less, making it an excellent choice. Thus, instead of investing in leading car manufacturers of today, one should invest in stocks of Tesla as it is going to increase in the coming decade.

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