Securus Technologies: crime prevention

Securus Technologies is known for their advanced and secure communication systems. Securus Technologies was one of the first organizations to create communication systems for correctional facilities. Inmates can now effectively communicate with family and friends outside of the facility in an easy, safe and secured manner.


Aside from Video services and Inmate Voice Mail, Securus has a variety of communication/ calling options that were specifically created from those who are incarcerated. These unique services are available on a National level.


On site video visitation allows the visitor to schedule your visit well in advance. Therefore, instead of conducting your visit sitting in front of a glass protector you can conduct your entire visit by video tape. There are many advantages to using video visitation services and of course safety is another positive aspect of using this kind of service.


Advance Connect is one of the phone services offered by Securus to inmates. Advance Connect is essentially a pre-paid calling plan. This kind of plan assures outsiders that they can effectively receive calls from just about any correctional facility in the United States. This account must be set up in advance and you must agree to the terms of service. As long as their is money in the calling account phone calls can be made and received. A major credit card can be used to fund your Advance Connect Account.


Direct Bill is another option offered by Securus Technologies. This type of calling account allows you to receive calls from inmates during approved recreation periods. All calls are billed to the party on a monthly basis. Calls can be made to and from cellular telephones any day of the week. Direct Bill is more geared toward Attorneys and loved ones of inmates serving longer sentences. Direct Bill permits calls to be made from just about any cellular number. However, a credit check is necessary to receive approval for an Direct Bill account.


Direct Bill assigns a specific credit limit. In addition, a detailed list of calls is sent to the person that opened the account on a monthly basis. Direct Bill allows the account holder to view their billing activity on line.


Traditional Collect permits outsiders to receive “Collect” calls only from inmates. In addition, all calls are billed to your residential carrier each and every month. Therefore, if Verizon is your phone carrier all monthly calls will appear a long side your residential calls. Traditional Collect assigns the person a 90 day “roll over” spending limit.


Inmate Debit is a pre-paid calling account in which the inmate is responsible for each month. Inmates or family members can add funds to the account from a remote location. This type of account allows more control on whom inmates choose to contact. The fact that the inmate is responsible for payment cuts down on any misuse of services.