Soap Opera Queens Return To The Screen On New Docu-Drama Series

POP Network’s newest series The Queens of Drama spotlights former soap opera stars and follows them with their newest adventure. Big name stars like Donna Mills, Hunter Tylo, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Lindsey Hartley, and Chrystee Pharris come together as a group to write, cast, act in, and produce a hit soap opera in order to get the pilot episode picked up by a major TV network. While the women’s dreams are transparently real the drama is soft scripted, and the women are playing over zealous versions of common character stereotypes. From catty remarks to calling in reinforcements to knock Vanessa Marcil of her self appointed throne.

Crystal Hunt, a well known soap opera starlet from the early 2000’s, has been cast as the passive-aggressive catty woman who is often seen throwing petty jabs at her former co-star Lindsey Hartley. However, Hunt is also the only one of the group to step forward and try to knock Marcil down a few pegs after she anointed herself leader of the group without asking the others. Hunt calls in the big guns, Joan Collins, to help the girls reel in Marcil and Donna Mills but unfortunately Collins and Mills have a friendship that prevails over her relationship with Hunt who is her former co-star.

Hunt’s acting experience started when she was just two years old and began entering beauty pageants with acting as her talent. She was discovered at age seventeen while attending a workshop in New York and went on to star in a few big name commercials. Her Facebook indicates Hunt was in an anti-drug commercial with world renowned boy-band N’sync, and she also stared in the Disney Company’s Anniversary commercial. Hunt landed her first major role in The Guiding Light where she played the troubled teen daughter Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006. Her role as Lizzie even earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2005.

After exiting her role as Lizzie Hunt starred in a few films including Sydney White where she co-starred alongside Amanda Bynes. In 2009 she landed the role as Stacy Morasco on ABC Network’s longest running soap operas One Life to Live. She played Morasco for a year and then took a break from acting to sit in the producers chair. Her film Talbot County premiered right before she started filming for her new show Queens of Drama.  Be sure to check out her photography site as well.