The Amazing Career Of Doe Deere


In today’s world, it can be hard for women everywhere to develop a career in business. Women today face many hurdles of all kinds when they decide to start a business of some kind. A woman will need to raise capital, work with suppliers and be adept at social media outlets. As a woman, I’ve come to respect those who do and do it well such as Doe Deere. I’ve been following Deere’s career very closely over the course of many years and come to admire her work in so many ways. I have watched as she has taken her personal love of makeup products of all kinds and created a site that remains one of my favorite places online to find products that are right for my own makeup needs. Her work in this field has been utterly revolutionary and has opened doors for all those who wish to follow in her footsteps.

Many Years of Research

One of the most important things to do when starting any business is to make sure that the owner of the business has done their research. Research helps the business owner find out what their customers want from them. Deere spent a long time interviewing people to find out what kind of makeup they wanted to buy from her. Her research helped her reach out to her customers to help her figure out what would be ideal for their needs. She shows that it is important to understand the needs of customers before a business person even starts to do anything else. It was with such research behind her that she was able to create her own site. She went into her business knowing that she would have a business idea that would be popular behind her once she started the site for her customers.

Keep Up With Customers

Deere doesn’t rest on her existing research and laurels. She also routinely works with her customers today to help make sure she is still meeting their needs and always out there for them whenever necessary with products she knows they will really like to purchase. Like many other female businesswomen, she knows that the market for products aimed at women is that will continue to grow in the future. She wants to see Lime Crime continue to top the popularity charts and serve the needs of her customer base. She also aims to help bring in new customers to her site. To that end, she is always exploring new product lines and ideas that she knows will appeal to women of all age groups and tastes. This is one of the many ways that she has continued to do well at her task.

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