The Amazing Power of Shea Butter

If you’re tired of dry, cracked and worn out skin in need of a little tender loving care make sure you stop to consider Shea Butter as your moisturizer of choice. The market is flooded with products promising endless benefits and results but the most set in stone cure for skin in need of rescue is simple and pure Shea Butter.

Shea butter origins can be traced to the continent of Africa where the amazing product was discovered in the fruit of the Shea tree. This creamy, natural moisturizer also has tremendous healing properties. It is credited with creating a smoother, clearer skin tone and helps to reduce and counteract the effects of the loss of collagen we experience as we age.

The concentration of vitamins E and A in Shea Butter helps with a whole host of skin conditions. The list of problem areas that are successfully treated and eliminated with Shea Butter is unbelievably lengthy. Some of these include Eczema, frost bite, blemishes, burns, insect bites, minimizing stretch marks as well as relieving muscle fatigue and tension.

Not all Shea Butter products are created equal so you want to choose a product that will allow you to receive maximum benefits. A popular choice is Eu-Genia Shea Butter. Featured on MSNBC and the NY Times the company produces a form of Shea Butter that is grown sustainably and contains 95% Shea content which is far above what is used by other companies.

The company which was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete, a former Wall Street analyst is named after her mother and is helping build economic opportunities for women in the developing world. The product is being manufactured by a female workforce based out of northern Ghana with many of the employees being mothers given the opportunity to make wage that exceeds that of the average worker.

With many options for your skin care few have the purity and quality that this product has to offer. Most store bought moisturizers listing Shea Butter as an ingredient generally contain less the 25% of the ingredient. With a substance that has so much to offer the greater and purer the concentration of it the better.