The Business Skills of Louis Chenevert

There are few individuals who can run a noteworthy organization. Louis Chenevert is one of those individuals. Throughout the years, he has built up an awesome notoriety for increasing the value of others however much as could be expected. Many individuals are awed with the work that Louis Chenevert accomplished with United Technologies Corporation. This is one of the main organizations on the planet today.

Louis Chenevert is the kind of individual who is continually attempting to enhance his organization. He began putting resources into innovation at the outset, and this choice is beginning to pay off. He additionally firmly puts stock in treating representatives the correct way.


One of the main motivations for the achievement of United Technologies Corporation throughout the years is that the organization draws in the best ability in the business. Years back, Louis Chenevert chose to begin putting resources into worker ability and maintenance. Despite the fact that this was am costly choice at to begin with, the organization is beginning to see a considerable measure of advantages from it.

Louis Chenevert paid workers more than the business normal. This implies the best representatives from the business attempt and come to work for his organization. This is an enormous preferred standpoint in an industry like this one. In spite of the fact that it costs the organization more in worker compensation, it pays for itself rapidly through greater profitability at work.

Development Plans 

Louis Chenevert is perpetually unsatisfied with his present level of progress. Louis Chenevert is a solid advocate of putting resources into the neighborhood group also. He is the sort of individual who is continually eager to help individuals who are in require.

Chenevert stepped down from UTC in 2014. At present, he acts as an Exclusive Advisor for Goldman Sachs. The general population who work for him cherish his energy for work and assisting clients.