Tony Petrello supports neurological research

Tony Petrello is one of the brilliant business executives in the United States. Without any academic qualification related to business management, he is ranked as one of the best business managers in the country. He is among the best paid. In 2014, he topped the list of the best-paid CEOs in the country. This is such a great honor that goes to show how that he has done exemplary well for the company that he leads. He is the CEO of a drilling firm located in Texas known as Nabors industries. This is the largest drilling firm in the world. As the CEO of the company, he has played a key role in its growth.

Apart from that, he has another side of him that also does a noble work in helping the country. Tony Petrello is a philanthropist who has been supporting major initiatives in the country, especially in Texas. As a business executive in Texas, he has led the way for other people to make moves that have benefited the Texas community in a big way. Anthony Petrello has been leading from the front in t initiatives that he has been supporting. His role in support of the healthcare department in the state has been phenomenal.

Tony Petrello has contributed money amounting to millions of dollars in various initiatives. The lion’s share of his donation has gone towards the neurological research Centre located at Texas Children Hospital. This is an initiative that he holds dearly. He hopes that the research center will succeed it its work. He has personally contributed over $5 million to this center. The money is to be spent in hiring top surgeons and doctors who will carry out a research on neurological disorders that affect children. The research center is going to the first research center in the world that is focused on coming up with solutions for children.

Tony Petrello will be a direct beneficiary of any progress that will be made by this research center. As a parent with a daughter who is suffering from a neurological disorder, Tony Petrello is committed to seeing the research center succeed in mission. His daughter might be one of the children who will benefit from this research. As a wealthy business person, Tony Petrello is dedicated to helping many other parents going through the same ordeal have peace in their life. He hopes this research center will help thousands of children who suffer from neurological diseases.

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