Why Shared Office Space is Becoming the New Norm

Whether you’re freelancing or trying to start your own business, a designated office space can really help you focus and get in the right mindset to work. If you don’t have room in your home or apartment to make an office, you may want to look into shared office space. Shared office space is a designated office area complete with furniture and IT services that you can rent as needed to use as work space. This setup offers many advantages and benefits.

One major benefit to shared office space is cost. When sharing office space, the costs of rent, utilities and office equipment are also shared. Sharing the costs makes renting a work space far more affordable and allows you to enter into a short-term agreement rather than signing a multi-year commercial lease for a space you only need temporarily. Some shared office spaces even provide secretarial and support staff for a nominal fee well below the cost of hiring.

Sharing office space also provides security. Only those with whom you are sharing the space have access to it, so you need not worry about security or safety. Unlike your local coffee shop or library, a shared office provides a quiet and private work area that not just anyone can access.

You may also find a surprising number of networking opportunities in a shared office. You’ll be working in an office with other people, allowing you to socialize with and meet new people. Some of them may be able to provide connections to business opportunities for your blossoming company. Your odds of finding an opportunity through networking are much higher in a coworking space than they are when you work alone at your dining room table.

If you would like to try sharing office space and work in New York City, consider WorkvilleNYC. Conveniently located mere steps from Times Square, Workville has both shared and private work spaces as well as meeting rooms, all of which are full of natural light and comfortable furniture. At Workville, the coffee is fresh, the internet is fast and the offices are cleaned daily. There is also a lounge area and three terraces to host you when it’s time for a break. It’s the perfect place to be productive, meet clients in a professional setting and enjoy the feel of a luxury office without the associated price tag.